About Us

Fantasy Wellness was developed by Kristin Kelly, MS, a Sex Therapist turned Entrepreneur, looking to help people take positive steps to improve their intimate lives in the privacy of their own home. BetterLovingNow.com is the realization of that dream. Our company creates sex positive products which empower people all over the world to take control of their intimate lives through our Fantasy brand sexual enhancement products. Many of our members are already happy in their intimate lives but are just looking to keep things hot in the bedroom. But for those needing more, we offer solutions and hope in the areas of intimacy enhancement, lack of desire, and sexual communication. We are an inclusive company and support all people in their quest for sexual expression. All of our products have been created with this in mind. We try our very best to be supportive of communities often underrepresented by the sexual majority. A portion of all company profits are donated to charities which support homeless youth and the prevention of human trafficking. Your support helps us build a better world in which to live and love.

Thank You
The Fantasy Wellness Team